El Arish North Queensland

Places, Faces and Events of an Historical Soldier Settlement town

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Our Mission Statement:

" Our aim is to promote El Arish as a sustainable rural village with
strong family, sporting, social and historical values"

The History Station is where a dedicated Marie Carmen and her band of volunteers do the serious stuff of archiving and researching the history and culture of our ancestors and what has shaped our unique community.  The outstanding job done each year for our  ANZAC Day march and morning tea at the historical El Arish Hall can also largely be attributed to their efforts.

The History Station is an intimate venue making it the perfect place for small functions.  It has hosted 5 weddings and a wake in recent times.

The History Station is unmanned most days as it is run by volunteers but contact Marie Carmen on 0438 288 412 or email and if it is possible she will be happy to open it up for you to see our excellent collection of memorabilia.

 The History Station

One of the History Station's projects was to rescue and move the old 'Lock up" from the Police Station, thanks to this great band of locals, to it's new home next to the Station where it has now been restored.